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To test NEXT-RNAi a test data-set is available for download (NEXT-RNAi_testData (236 MB)). Please download and unpack the data set in the folder where '' is located, e.g. using tar on command-line:

tar -xvzf NEXT-RNAi_testData.tar.gz

The unpacked folder contains all files necessary to design long dsRNAs for 500 sequences from Drosophila transcripts. Options are pre-defined in 'options.txt'.

NEXT-RNAi just needs to be started (from within the 'testData' folder, or links in 'options.txt' need to be updated) with the command in 'start.txt'.

cd testData
perl ../ -i common_regions.fa -s 250 -r d -d dmel-all-transcript-r5.26
-e NO -o options.txt -n nextrnaiTest

This will generated an 'out' folder in testData containing all results. Results can also be viewed as HTML compendium by just opening the out folder ('index.html') in any internet browser.

The output of the test run is also available here.

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