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  • Evaluation of RNAi reagents
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This E-RNAi option allows to evaluate/re-map existing long dsRNA- or siRNA sequences.

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Selection of reagent and organism

Select type of RNAi reagent

Choose long dsRNAs for the evaluation of long dsRNAs (including esiRNAs) or siRNAs for the evaluation of short interfering RNAs.

Select organism

Select the organism used for the RNAi experiment.

Paste or upload a reagent sequence

It is recommended to paste reagent sequences in FASTA format. Raw sequences can also be pasted, however a query sequence must not contain any newline (each newline is interpreted as new query by E-RNAi).
Alternatively, reagent sequences can also be uploaded from file. Files must contain sequences in FASTA format and *.fa, *.fasta and *.txt file extensions are allowed only.
In the example below three reagent sequences from the HFA/DRSCv1 library were pasted in FASTA format.

After submitting the query, E-RNAi shows the queried reagent sequences as genome browser visualization (if they could be mapped).

The 'Submit Selection' button links to the settings page.

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