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Supplemental Material

Boutros, M., H. Agaisse, N. Perrimon (2002).
Sequential Activation of Signaling Pathways during Innate Immune Responses in Drosophila.
Dev. Cell 3:711-722 Pubmed

  • dChip gene information file used in this study zip
  • Supplemental Figure 1 image data
  • Supplemental Figure 2 image
  • Supplemental Figure 3 image data
  • Supplemental Figure 4 image
  • Supplemental Table 1 html

Download all files as zip

Boutros M., A. Kiger, S. Armknecht, K. Kerr, M. Hild, B. Koch, S. Haas, Heidelberg FlyArray, R. Paro and N. Perrimon (2004).
Genome-wide RNAi Analysis of Cell Growth and Viability in Drosophila.
Science 303:832-835 Pubmed

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